The "Chapouton farm” is a special place with a long history mirrored in the outstanding view it offers. It was built in 1760 on the edge of Grignan and underwent several changes through the 18th and 19th century as it expanded. Two sons of the Chapouton family became mayors of Grignan: Dieudonné (from 1878 to 1881) and Maurice (from 1959 to 1971). In 1946, Françoise Chapouton (1925-2012), a publisher, married the famous French painter Nicolas de Staël (1914-1955) who used the farm as his summerhouse. Open to the public in 2015 as a hotel of 9 rooms, and in 2017, a new owner regained its original name of "La Ferme Chapouton." The "Chapouton farm" welcomes the bistro of Clair de la Plume (awarded "Bib Gourmand” by the Michelin guide). Visit our historic village and, depending on the season, enjoy age-old roses in May, lavenders in June and July, the summer shows at the château of Grignan throughout the summer, and the harvesting of the famous Grignan les Adhémar wine grapes in September, or the winter truffles in December.   Discover our different sites throughout the village:
Le Clair de la Plume consists of 5 different locations in the historical village of Grignan, four of which include bedrooms.
1.- LE CLAIR DE LA PLUME Nine rooms  & suites great comfort (open all year long), Gastronomic restaurant 1 star in Guide Michelin. Tea room every afternoon.
2.- THE PRIVATE HOUSE Six Suites & rooms with a high level of style and comfort.
3.- THE CHAPOUTON FARM Nine rooms, & "Bistro” restaurant (awarded "Bib Gourmand” by the Michelin guide).
4.-THE BOUTIQUE In the heart of the village, buy our home-made pastry, ice-creams, and treats of Provence.
5.- THE MEDITERRANEAN GARDEN The garden offers than 300 different plants and an outstanding view of the village, as well as an organic swimming pool (water regenerated through a chemical-free natural process) and a Lovers Pavilion. The garden is open exclusively to our guests. Enjoy grilled food and mixed salads in July and August.