Fêtes Nocturnes festival in Grignan

In 2019, the castle of Grignan takes on the air of a Spanish court in the 17th century to welcome Ruy Blas, the centerpiece of Victor Hugo.

The hero, humble “earth worm in love with a star,” denounces a corrupt nobility in a shaky kingdom. A fairy tale against a backdrop of social tragedy, with undeniably comical accents.

Don Salluste, minister deposed by the Queen of Spain, weaves his vengeance by introducing his valet Ruy Blas to the court under the clothes of Don César, his cousin. Laughing with justice and madly in love, Ruy Blas seduces the queen with her loyalty, before the evil trap of Don Salluste closes on their impossible union…

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Fêtes Nocturnes Théâtre au Château

Every summer since 1987, Grignan produces a theater show in front of the magnificent facade of his castle. A director is invited to present his original creation within the courtyard. In this unique and sublime setting, facing the Renaissance façade of the illuminated castle, the public discovers a popular theatrical performance created especially for the place. 44 performances during two summer months, for a unique-show open air theater.

All along the summer scenes, we organize pre-show dinners (with or without your tickets), lunches of workshops Writing or Reading.


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